Now, we sip champagne when we thirsty,
— Notorious B.I.G.

We all know the Notorious B.I.G. lyrics but I’ve dubbed as more of an affirmation. Awhile ago, I decided I wanted to always celebrate my birthday in a new city or country, no matter what the circumstances. This year, I decided to take my talents to Europe, London and Paris to be exact. One drunken episode in Toronto, led to the impromptu purchase of my roundtrip tickets to France to celebrate my 26th birthday.



Our flight initially landed in France but we decided to spend our first few days in London. My travel buddy, Lo and I hopped on the first thing smoking to London. We arrived quite late our first night so we just grabbed a quick bite and hit the casino for a drink, because that literally is the only place open at that hour. Especially after a trip across the Atlantic, I was long overdue for an old-fashion. The following day we linked up with a friend who recently relocated to London and we hit the city. To be honest, I'm not much of touristy kinda person. I like to immerse myself into their culture and live like a local. We jumped on a double decker, which is a cost efficient way to see the city,  and headed towards Big Ben and the London Eye. Snapped a couple of flicks, smoked a blunt in the park and we were off to dinner. Brill, DJ, photographer and a damn good tour guide, hipped us to a spot called “Rum House,” in soho. I'm not even kidding the DJ was spinning classic early 00’s hits like Ja Rule, Shyne and Diddy (in his prime of course.) For our last day out in London town, we left our hotel in Kensington to headed over to East London, somewhere in between Dalston and Islington to be exact. By far our best decision of the trip, we hit a few bars and partied until 8am. It's safe to say, we enjoyed London. 




Prochain arrêt… Paris! We headed back to Paris for the reminder of our trip. So rule of thumb, they have weird ass hours for eating. Some people say it's not that weird, but as an American, it was a little strange to me that it's almost impossible to find decent food between the hours of 3:00pm-7:00pm. Anywho, we did a few typical tourist tings and then headed out for dinner. We were staying in the 2nd, so a lot of things were walking distance, depending on your definition of “walking distance.” We wandered into L'Auberge du Louvre after our photo session at The Louvre. To our surprise they offered a decent pre fixe menu for under 40 euros. I decided to go with the Salade césar and pavé de rumsteak au poivre vert and Lo had escargots and boeuf bourguignon. First of all, escargots aka snails are BOMB AS FUCK. Don't debate me on this, live and little and order it. You will not be disappointed. Of course with my birthday on the horizon, we had to hit the Parisian streets. We decided to swing by club HOBO, which cannot have been a better choice. This club plays STRICTLY american hip hop! The second night we decided on Vanity Club Paris, a friend had invited us so why not.



If you happen to find yourself in the 2nd, I highly recommend Ober Mamma, an Italian eatery with warm inviting ambiance. Our next night on the town, we hit up confessions Sundays, we went on a new night and for a strip club where the girls do not actually strip… it wasn't half bad. I finished off the trip with quick cooking class at L’atelier des Chefs and a trip to the farmers market.. Nothing too extreme, just a class to master my risotto, my all time favorite side dish. As my Eurotrip came to an end, I couldn't have been more thankful and more blessed to be able to see the world. I put this idea and vision out into the universe and with prayer and perseverance, I was able to reward myself, one of the greatest feelings imaginable. 

Bianca Wade